Do you need help? Do you have something to offer? Do you want to help others in your community?

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, West Seattle Support and this website have been set up as a way for residents of West Seattle to reach out and help our neighbors. Our priority is to help those who might be most vulnerable with their emergent needs, individuals and families who are not able to get out, businesses and others who are financially struggling, and our youth, who need special attention during these times.

Our connectiveness together is what will help us get through these extraordinary times. Our community has many skills, talents and resources to offer, West Seattle & South Park Supports is ready to make good things happen with all of your help.


  • So glad you set this up! Please let me know whatever I can do, including supporting y'all in the organizing of this effort...

    JenMarlowe "(about 1 year ago)"
  • We appreciate that, Jen! Thank you for volunteering. We will be in touch!

    ptavel "(about 1 year ago)"
  • I have begun sewing cotton face masks (as per guidelines in New York Times, 4/1/20). They are sewn in a healthy home studio. I'd be happy to donate some to neighbors in West Seattle. Please let me know how to do so. Thanks! xo Julia CEO, Honey Girl Books and Gifts,

    juliawsea "(about 1 year ago)"
  • Thank you, Julie! Would you mind entering this information in the donations section of this site? That way, we have one centralized place to view everything we can offer to people.

    BrendanKolding "(about 1 year ago)"
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