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Hello everyone! We are still managing to get through the lockdown and the Pandemic here in West Seattle. We continue to do pretty well with social distancing and following the stay at home order as a community. We know that the isolation and the disruption to normal life is difficult, but I am constantly impressed by the things being down to keep spirits up and keep everyone focused on the endgame...defeat the Covid-19 and return to our lives.

We will be adding some really interesting information on the modeling that is being used by our government and authorities around the country with regard to the Pandemic. We will also have an article coming from a local doctor about the different symptoms for allergies, the flu and Covid-q9 to hopefully help some of you deal with getting sick, but knowing what you may be experiencing.

As we move forward, please let us know if you need anything, if you know of neighbors who are older and at greater risk who may need someone to be looking in on them, or at least calling to see if they need anything, Let us know if you have time or things to donate. We will let you know what is needed.

Thank you to all of you who have donated or volunteered so far!

Just remember that this will end and life will start functioning again as you knew it. Keep your spirits up, stay at home unless absolutely necessary and continue to ask what you can do to help others more in need than yourself.

Phil West Seattle Support


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