Free Potatoes on May 20th!

posted over 1 year ago by BrendanKolding from West Seattle Support
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Wednesday, 5/20/20, at 2 PM there will be a big Potato-Give-Away!    1,000 pounds of potatoes & onions are arriving in the West Seattle Junction:  at the Eagles' parking lot right next to the West Seattle post office--on California Ave SW between Oregon & Genesee.  You are invited to come get potatoes...&/or to help give them to others.

This invitation is to anyone who is low income and needs to stretch their food budget; this invitation also includes small-business restaurants struggling to survive, anyone cooking meals for others in the community, the senior center, churches...whoever has a need.  Simply come to the Eagles' parking lot at 2 PM with a bag or two or three to haul some of these potatoes/onions away.  You can enter parking lot on California SW & drive out the alley. Give them to your neighbors, church members, or people you know who have a tight budget right now or whatever.  The potatoes come from in case you want more information.

We will be bagging-&giving potatoes/onions until they are gone.  (Last week they were gone by 3:30.)   If anything remains in the truck by 5 o’clock, they will be taken to one of the food banks.  

If you would like to volunteer an hour to fill bags or hand them out, you help would be appreciated.  For more information call Doris Goulet, 206-351-2768.    Spread the word.  Donations of any kind will be accepted to help pay the good man delivering the potatoes for his cost of transport and the use of a truck.

If possible, please wear a mask and practice social distancing. Thanks everyone!


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