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The following information has been provided by United Way:

United Way of King County, Food Lifeline, the City of Seattle, and Metro Access are excited to begin offering home delivery of emergency food boxes across Seattle, North King County, and East King County during COVID-19. This resource is available to anyone who: 

Lives in Seattle, North King County, or East King County Is unable to access their local food bank in person Is unable to afford groceries 


This resource is intended for and may be the only food solution for many of our most vulnerable community members who have food needs and cannot leave their homes during COVID-19. We are encouraging folks to visit their local food banks if they are able. In addition to on-site food distributions, many local food banks also operate home delivery programs, and may be able to provide a more customized food selection to clients. Find a nearby food bank at //foodlifeline.org/need-food. 

We are reaching out to you as part of our first round of outreach to ensure your clients are able to access this resource. To order a food box, fill out this online form, or call us Toll-Free at 833-540-0800, Mondays to Fridays from 11am-4pm. If your staff is able, we encourage you to share this resource and assist clients in filling out this brief form, if needed. 

Ordering is now open! At this time, households can order up to three food boxes per delivery. 

Some additional information about this service: 

What’s in a food box? This offers preset 15-25 lb. variety cases of shelf-stable foods from Food Lifeline. These may include canned meals, canned fruit, canned veggies, pasta, and other miscellaneous items. Some boxes may also contain perishable items like bread or produce with a longer shelf-life. One box is estimated to feed a family of four for approximately 2-4 days. We are currently unable to meet individual allergy and dietary needs.  We hope to also offer produce boxes from Food Lifeline in the coming weeks. Clients would be able to order either or both the shelf-stable and produce boxes for delivery. Households can reorder as often as they need. We are making deliveries Monday through Friday during the day, and have an option to leave the food box if nobody is home.  We hope to deliver boxes 2 to 3 days after the request is received.  Requests received on Thursday or Friday will be delivered the following week. If requests exceed our food or delivery capacity, we may adjust the eligibility requirements or frequency of orders. The phone line to order includes a language line for interpretation, and our online ordering form is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Chinese (simplified), Amharic, and Russian. We also hope to offer the online ordering form in Somali and Oromo shortly.Right now, we are only able to deliver within the City of Seattle, North King County, and East King County.  This is due to how the state has structured allocation of these food boxes from Food Lifeline. We are actively working to expand to South King County, and will update you as we are able to do so. If you have questions about a particular zip code, let us know and we can confirm eligibility. 

If you are interested in distributing larger quantities of food boxes to your clients at a central drop site, please respond to me. 

We hope this is a helpful resource for your clients and network. 


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